Fruits & Veg

Delicious fruits & vegetables on the Sunshine Coast

Fresh Fruits Maroochydore sells delicious fruits and vegetables. All the produce we offer is grown on the Sunshine Coast or in nearby regions.

Thanks to our extensive network of reputable farmers, we can offer the most comprehensive range of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Compared to supermarkets or grocery stores, our produce is fresher, safer and a lot more delicious.

From exotic and niche fruits to staple vegetables that will elevate your cooking, we are proud to serve as the Sunshine Coast’s primary source of fresh produce.
Fresh Fruits — Fruits & Vegetables in Maroochydore, QLD
Quality Fruits & Veg — Fruits & Vegetables in Maroochydore, QLD

Unmatched quality of fruits & vegetables

Fresh Fruits Maroochydore takes care to ensure that the fruit and vegetables on our shelves are of the highest available quality.

We've spent years building our reputation as the premier supplier of fresh produce on the Sunshine Coast and we receive fresh-picked stock from the region's local farmers every day.

We provide delivery of wholesale fruit, vegetable and groceries to commercial clients. And our shop is open 7 days a week for our primary customers, Sunshine Coast residents.


Convenience & value

Fresh Fruits Maroochydore is open 7 days a week. Here, you'll find the highest quality fruits and vegetables at the most affordable prices.

Our shop is all about healthy food variety at your convenience. If you'd like to know about the availability of specific items, simply call ahead.

Stop by Fresh Fruits Maroochydore today for fresh, delicious Sunshine Coast fruit and vegetables.
Convenience & Value — Fruits & Vegetables in Maroochydore, QLD